FDB Eatery

FDB Eatery is an exciting new restaurant featuring grilled burgers, specialty pizzas, and hand-crafted entrees.  The restaurant also proudly serves frozen custard from the original 1950s Frozen Dairy Bar.

While the human race has many expressions of art, there is no expression like that found in the culinary arts. No other art allows its admirer to experience the expression with so many senses. When we consume a meal we take it in with our eyes, taste buds, nose, even our ears at times. Our body then uses the art for sustenance. Meals also provide us with important emotional ties to family and significant life events. So many people relate momentous and deep emotional memories with the meals served to them in their youth or at life’s milestones.

Food is such a big part of the human condition and yet we may sometimes forget how truly important and significant it is. I have been cooking for 35 years of my life and I’m so grateful that I have had a hand in so many meals. I am fortunate to to be able to make a living at something I love and something so important to the human condition as food.
— Michael J. Natoli, Executive Chef and lifelong Foodie

FDB Eatery is a new restaurant from the owners of the famous Frozen Dairy Bar.  The restaurant has been completely renovated to provide an exciting new dining room to accompany our Dessert Bar.  An all new menu is now available, with delicious starters, char-grilled burgers, filling entrees, and all new specialty sundaes.

The Frozen Dairy Bar began as a small ice cream stand in 1950.  Designed by architect Ruth P. Eakin, the iconic stand was removed in the late-1990s; pictures of the original ice cream shop can now be seen in our store.  Pizza and light food were added to the menu in 2004, while the original frozen custard recipe remained unchanged. 

Now FDB Eatery is pleased to offer a new dining experience with all new recipes, made fresh every day by our expert kitchen team.  While the restaurant may look different, the frozen custard remains unchanged.  All of our flavors are made fresh in the store every day, in the same style machine that first made the Frozen Dairy Bar famous in 1950.  Come visit us to enjoy a delicious hand crafted dinner, just remember to save room for the greatest dessert you will ever taste!

Did you know that FDB Eatery can offer catering solutions as well? Whatever the size of your event or party, the kitchen team at FDB Eatery can help!  Our Executive Team has been in the restaurant business for over twenty years, and can help plan your menu to match the perfect food offerings to your event.  Just click the link below to see what FDB Eatery Catering can provide.